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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation prices can have different values today. The condition of the person, whether it is a woman or a man, the clinics and experts performing the procedure, etc. cause variations in this regard. There is no determined fee for the transaction itself and it varies from person to person.

You must have an examination to get detailed information about hair transplantation. However, of course, you need to be careful about the price offered to you in this process.

First of all, you need to talk to a clinic or hair transplantation center that does reliable and successful work. Some hair transplantation centers claim to apply at exaggerated affordable prices. However, while doing so, it can perform harmful transactions that will endanger your life. You need to be careful about these.

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What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is one of the most preferred hairs transplantation procedures. Today, hair loss and permanent hair loss have increased. This situation, which usually arose due to genetic factors or aging in the past, has started to emerge for different reasons today.

The hustle and bustle of daily life, stress, unhealthy foods, and products consumed have caused this situation to be experienced more. There are extremely effective hair transplantation techniques to solve this situation, which negatively affects the lives of individuals. People can get healthy and lush hair with hair transplantation, which is a very easy and comfortable operation.

Let’s talk about hair transplantation prices and all the details of the procedure. First of all, you must have a detailed examination to determine whether it is suitable for hair transplantation. In addition, it is determined whether there is a condition that prevents hair transplantation at this stage.

Determination of the technique to be applied in hair transplantation, whether regional hair transplantation or general hair transplantation and hair transplantation prices are also determined. It is very difficult to determine the wage to be paid before. The procedure is extremely easy and there are no risks in general.

How Is Hair Transplantation Performed? Reassure Your Trust with Hospital Türk!

After determining the right technique to plan for hair transplantation, necessary studies are carried out. After the necessary preparations, the hair transplant process begins. We want to talk about both. that is;

  • First of all, there are three stages in the FUE technique. Entry of grafts, opening channels and planting. The grafts area is single and suitable for the person. Then we go to the areas where hair transplantation will be done. Finally, the hair transplant is done and processed.
  • In DHI, on the other hand, a bristle pen is a material aid material. Special feature from parts of this item specially for technique. There is no need for grooving in this process. The collected hair is filled with a special tool wizard and transplanted. This process is more practical and causes less damage. There is more because of less damage.

How Does The Process Proceed After Hospital Türk Hair Transplantation?

  • Let’s talk a little bit about how the process goes after hair transplantation. After the procedure, people should be extremely sensitive and careful. Getting the maximum benefit from the treatment is completely dependent on this. The process after the procedure is generally as follows;
    • After the procedure, the patient is discharged and necessary warnings are given.
    • One of the most important warnings is about washing the hair for the first time. After hair transplantation, the transplanted hair is washed in the clinic by the specialist who performed the procedure for the first time.
    • The washing process is done very carefully with a special solution.
    • After the first washing process, the patient should wash their hair with that solution every day.
    • All the other details that need to be considered for the result to be at the desired level are presented to you by the clinic where you have the procedure.

What to Consider in Hair Transplantation Procedure and Its Results

There are very important details that those who want to have hair transplantation should know about the procedure. Before we talk about hair transplant prices in detail, we would like to give detailed information about the procedure. The most important issues to know about the process are as follows;

  • The most important task for you regarding the process is to work with a team of experts in the field. Choosing the right clinic and specialist is extremely important in this type of procedure.
  • You need to pay attention to choosing the most suitable technique for your hair and then applying the process meticulously.
  • Up to the first 3 months after hair transplantation, the transplanted hair sheds. This is normal and should not worry you.
  • Healthy hair begins to grow in place of the shed hair, and this lasts for 6 months.
  • You need to be a little more patient to see the results for sure. After 1-1.5 years, you are likely to have completely healthy and bushy hair.
  • You should also be very careful about hair transplant prices.

Process Before and After Hair Transplantation

  • There are certain questions that you should ask the doctor before hair transplantation procedure. These questions can be related to every stage of the operation. All patients have the right to receive information from physicians. So you can request information about all the stages that come to your mind.
  • Before the operation, you can ask for information about who will participate in it and what kind of role do they play in the operation.
  • You can get information about how the stages of the operation will develop and which healthcare professional will do what kind of application at which stage.
  • Hair transplantation methods are not limited to one technique. You can request information about what technique your doctor and his team will apply to you and what the advantages and disadvantages are compared to others.
  • You may prepare yourself by asking before the procedure whether you will experience any pain or pain sensation during the application.
  • You can also request information on how the procedure will be applied differently from other people due to your special hairstyle and color. For example, the procedure applied to people with curly hair and the people with straight hair may differ from each other.
  • After the procedure, you can consult your doctor about whether a supportive treatment such as stem cells will be applied to you and when you will start to see the results.
  • Additionally, you should ask questions like; will the contents of shampoos you use are beneficial for hair growth, which chemical shampoos you should stay away from or which ones contribute to the treatment, or whether the tea or paste of any of the herbs contributes to this process. In short, you should ask whether you will be involved in any application that may affect the course of the treatment after the procedure.

What Should Be Considered Afterwards?

Hair transplantation is often applied to people with alopecia disease, people who do not grow hair in a certain area after burn scars, or individuals who have baldness problems. There are some issues that patients are directly responsible for before and after the procedure. If the person can pay enough attention to these issues, the healing process will take a short time. The things that the person can do to achieve the best results after the hair transplant operation are as follows:

  • After hair transplantation, plenty of fluids should be taken. The amount of water that a normal individual should drink daily has been determined as approximately 2 – 2.5 liters. However, you can use applications that show you how much water you should drink according to your own mass. Using water reminder applications during this period can also help you if you do not have the habit of drinking water.
  • A sufficient amount of herbal teas with anti-edematous properties can be drunk daily without overdoing it. It is important to consume these plants without forgetting that they also have side effects when they are overdone.
  • Painkillers recommended by the physician can be taken in a way that does not exceed the daily dose. Generally, pain is not observed in people. However, if it develops due to swelling, the person can use painkillers after notifying his doctor and should not go beyond the doctor’s recommendation.
  • It is recommended not to take a bath in the first days after the procedure and it is very important that the person does not touch objects such as towels or combs, especially to the scalp. During this period, the scalp is very sensitive. Combing or drying the hair with a towel can cause skin irritation or bleeding.
  • Since the scalp will be very sensitive during this period, combing the hair or using any cosmetic products such as gel should be avoided.
  • During this period, it is very important to pay attention to one’s diet. Eating a protein-rich diet and staying away from unhealthy foods for a while helps to recover faster. Hair and scalp are organs with protein structures. When it is fed with protein, the production, and repair processes are accelerated.
  • In this period, the person should limit the use of salt in order to get rid of edema and swelling more easily and not to increase their already existing amount. The less salt is consumed, the less edema is collected.
  • In addition, while you think you are not consuming salt, you can get plenty of sodium from packaged foods. For this reason, you should stay away from packaged foods as much as possible for the first time.
  • During this period, the person also cuts down on alcohol and cigarette consumption, or at least minimizes it as much as possible, for helping a healthier recovery.
  • In particular, the effect of alcohol is more harmful than cigarettes. It increases edema and swelling in the body. It also causes the body to lose fluid. For this reason, alcohol should not be taken in order not to experience dehydration and not to make the edema worse than it is.


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