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Hair Transplantation

Methods for Hair Transplantation
Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant Technique
DHI Hair Transplant Technique


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Obstetrics and Gynecology

In the Gynecology and Obstetrics outpatient clinic of our hospital, general diagnosis and treatment services, follow-up of risky and normal pregnancies and treatment of gynecological diseases are provided.


Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine outpatient clinic is the unit where adult patients are referred to the relevant surgical departments if it is deemed necessary to evaluate and treat non-surgical health problems.



Our radiology department helps our physicians by using various imaging techniques for the early and accurate diagnosis of diseases and follow-up of treatment under the control of a specialist radiologist.

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ENT Diseases

In our clinic, procedures are performed for Ear Surgery, Sinus Surgery, Nasal Aesthetic and Functional Surgery, Nasal and Tonsil Surgery, Snoring and Apnea Surgery.


Eye Diseases

In the outpatient clinic of our hospital equipped with the most modern devices, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases are made and various surgical intervention services are provided.


Complementary Medicine

We serve in the traditional and complementary medical center of our hospital with Blood Letting, Ozone, Hirudotherapy (Leech) treatments.


Anesthesia and Reanimation

In our hospital, the risk of anesthesia is determined by evaluating the patient’s medical condition, previous surgeries, drug sensitivity and psychological status by performing a preoperative examination on each patient.


Medical Aesthetics

We are at your service with our experienced team in our medical aesthetic center within our hospital.


Adult Intensive Care

Our hospital’s adult intensive care service provides 24-hour service with specialist doctors, intensive care nurses and experienced health personnel.


Newborn Intensive Care

From the 24th gestational week, neonatal intensive care service is at your service in cases that may occur during and after early delivery and require intensive care.



In our hospital’s biochemistry laboratories, we are at your service with our experienced team, which aims to give the most reliable and highest quality results to the patients who apply as soon as possible.


Emergency Department

In the emergency department of our hospital, we are at your service 24/7 with our specialist emergency department doctor, nurses and technical team.


Child Health and Diseases

In the pediatric health and diseases outpatient clinic of our hospital, healthy child follow-up, vaccination program and outpatient or inpatient follow-up of the child with the disease are performed between the ages of 0-16.


General Surgery

In the general surgery outpatient clinic of our hospital, in addition to the diagnosis service in the field of general surgery, the problems are treated with surgical methods by our expert team.



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