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Although mesotherapy preserves skin health and finds widespread use for association purposes today; firstly, it is a treatment applied by French, Dr.  Michel Pistor to relieve pain. In other words, applications in three different areas for pain treatment, skin rejuvenation and getting rid of wise fats and cellulites are generally called mesotherapy.
1. Mesotherapy for pain: Anesthetic and analgesic drugs are mixed with some vitamins and made by using the smallest amount of cosmetic needle tips into the skin. In this way, drug side effects are eliminated. It can be done every 1-2-3weeks (depending on the application to be performed) and the number of sessions may vary between 5-10 depending on the condition of the disease.
2. Mesotherapy for aesthetic purposes: These applications are generally performed to prevent and reduce wrinkles of the skin, especially the facial skin, and to gain a more vivid, spotless and shiny appearance. In addition, subcutaneous adipose tissue and scars (with drugs made into it) are removed, providing a more fit and aesthetic appearance without cellulite.
3. Regional Lubrication and Cellulite: Medication mixtures that break down the fat cell into the fat tissue and remove it from the body are performed using mesotherapy needle every 1-2 weeks. 6-10 sessions may be required.

What Are Used?

  • Vitamins
    •Somon DNA
    •SSterile ready-made cocktail products. (mixtures of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, somaon DNA, hyaluranic acid..)
    •L carnitine

How to Apply

  1. With mesotherapy needles (the thinnest and smallest needles with a diameter of 0.4 mm)
    2. With Dermapen Device (The device with very special needle tips that do not harm the skin opens thousands of holes that are invisible to the eye and the products that are intended to be given to the skin are ensured to pass from the byra to the skin)
    3. With automatic, adjustable,hand-held special mesotherapy devices

To Whom Does It Not Apply?

  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers
    • Cancer Patients
    • Patients with epilepsy
    • Those who need to take important blood thinners
    • Those with stents, pacemakers
    • Those with heart failure • Those
    with kidney disease
    • Those with blood clotting problems
    • Urticaria, those who are allergic to any product

What are the Side Effects?

  • Minimal redness at the application site
    • Bruising may occur rarely. Disappears within a few days
    • Local allergic reaction (can be easily treated with appropriate creams.)
    • Mild swelling
    • Minimal pain (if there is pain, this pain is felt very little with anesthetic creams)

For Which Situations Is Mesotherapy Performed?

  • Facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and prevention
    • More vibrant, shiny and fuller skin appearance
    • Removal of acne, scars
    • Reduction of hair loss, thicker and healthier hair formation
    • Removal of pregnancy cracks
    • Reduction of skin spots
    • Reduction of skin pores
    • Tattoo wiping
    • Removal of areas with tissue loss with filling
    • Prevention of wrinkles caused by excessive mimic use
    • Regional weakening